Top 10 BEST Air Purifier (2021)

what’s up guys today’s video is on the top five best air purifiers in 2021 through extensive research and testing i’ve put together a list of options that’ll meet the needs of different types of buyers so whether it’s price performance or its particular use we’ve got you covered for more information on the products i’ve included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices like the video comment and do not forget to subscribe now let’s get started if you want to save money and at the same time get a decent quality air purifier we have specially selected the levoit core 300 for you thanks to its rather low price we have justifiably awarded this product the title of the best budget air purifier on the market in 2021 this device improves air quality in rooms up to 40 square meters the air is filtered through a pre-filter that removes the coarse dirt particles the hepa filter then ensures the retention of fine suspended particles such as pollen and other allergens the activated carbon filter also neutralizes smoke and unpleasant odors if you want to operate the device while you’re away the timer function takes care of turning it off with the time frame of 8 hours you can also use the levoit in the bedroom as noise level is pleasantly low in sleep mode lavoid is controlled via a touch screen whose led elements can be dimmed for sleep levoit core 300 also reduces allergy triggers and is suitable for people suffering from allergies or nasal congestion as for the timer it allows you to set the air purifier to two four six or eight hours the three fan speeds meet different needs the folding indicator light in a screen lock are available the core 300 air purifier does not use uv or ions and is also 100 ozone free and safe for your health the device has three phase filtration a highly efficient filter system


consisting of hepa class h-13 filters activated carbon filters and fine pre-filters the device filters 99.97 percent of fine particles of dust pollen mites hair and also neutralizes smoke cooking odors and formaldehyde as for the shortcomings users haven’t been able to find many objective shortcomings that need to be pointed out especially when its low prices taken into account the levoit core 300 comes in the size of 8.7 by 8.7 by 16.25 inches and weighs 8.73 pounds for such a low price this fella can’t be beaten up next check out the blue air blue pure 411 which deservedly took the title of the best value air purifier that can be found in the market in 2021 the blue air blue pure 411 is one of the smallest and thinnest air purifiers that offers such a top bang for the buck it contains the world’s leading filtering technology and is intended for rooms up to 165 square feet in size all you have to do is place it where you want it plug it in and breathe perfectly clean air 24 hours a day seven days a week the blue pure 411 is not only whisper quiet but also energy efficient it is controlled via just a single button which makes the device super easy to use we love how the onboard pre-filter stops large particles extending the life of the main filter and keeping things clean speaking of which if cleaning is needed the device should only be vacuumed gently blue pure 411 completely cleans the air in the room up to five times an hour and removes virtually every particle from the air dust pollen smoke mold allergens viruses and bacteria it removes odors and vapors with a layer of activated carbon at normal operating speed the blue pure 411 consumes only one and a half watts which is a great benefit for the environment some air purifiers have installation rules but blue air is very easily installed anywhere in the room thanks to the large 360 degree air inlet note that the built-in led warning system glows red when it’s time to make a change for the best efficiency we recommend replacing it every six months the particles will be trapped forever thanks to a complex structure that retains even the tiniest matter avoiding clogging and maintaining maximum airflow the noise level of 17 db at the lowest speed is not louder than whisper while at the highest level it reaches 46 db which is equal to the low talking noise you might encounter in the library it should be noted that the original blue air filters to be fully efficient use only blue air replacement filters the filter can be 100 recycled so you only return clean air to your environment for the listed price this fella is a true beast if you suffer from different types of allergies have no fear as we have specially selected the honeywell hpa 300 for you as the best air purifier for allergies that can be found on the market in 2021 this company is highly recognized in the air purification domain with 25 years of experience and their most prominent model is the hpa300 this device delivers an excellent level of cleaning efficiency achieving very high cadr clean air delivery rate ratings capturing up to 99.97 of microscopic allergens of 0.3 plus microns from the air passing through its powerful hepa filter also it’s recommended for use in extremely large rooms which makes it an ideal choice when buying an air purifier the honeywell hpa 300 offers an excellent performance but keeps the costs low it is more affordable than other devices with similar specifications on the market which is a big plus in our book this fell also records odors with an onboard carbon pre-filter it can make five air changes per hour circulating air in the room once every 12 minutes thanks to the efficiency of the filter a very high cadr is achieved especially for dust and smoke particles standing out among the best in the market the purifier features three levels of air cleaning plus a turbo clean setting the first level is for germs microbes bacteria bacilli the second level is for general cleaning and the third level is specially designed for allergens this air purifier is certified by ahm the association of home appliance manufacturers for use in rooms up to 43 square meters or 460 square feet it also comes with an electronic filter replacement reminder which is very easy to change with no additional tools needed the honeywell hpa 300 comes in the size of 9.25 by 20 by 22.25 inches

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And weighs 21 pounds now let’s step into the premium domain shall we if you are one among the users who aren’t hesitant to spend a few extra dollars to provide yourself or your loved ones with a top quality air purifier the following product on our list of reviews is the perfect choice for you meet the blue air blue pure 211 plus the best premium air purifier available on the market in 2021 now many research papers have shown that indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air blue air blue pure 211 plus cleans the entire space in 50 m2 rooms a total of five times in an hour and keeps it perfectly clean if your room is even smaller the air will be purified faster and more often intuitive control with just one button makes the device very easy to use you just gotta plug it in and turn it on when the ignition is switched on for the first time the device automatically sets to the recommended operating speed it boasts a very quiet operation like a whisper the device produces very low noise and can be even used in your bedroom as one of the bonuses we emphasize the pre-filter that stops large particles extending the life of the main filter if cleaning is needed just vacuum it gently or wash it in the washing machine thanks to the unique 360 degree air inlet the blue air blue pure 211 plus draws in the air from all four sides the entire lower surface of this device consists of an advanced filter millions of ultra thin fibers of different sizes placed in different layers make the filter less dense than other models the result is high airflow with low noise using mechanical and electrostatic filtration the filter practically removes all air pollution such as viruses dust pollen mold spores allergens smoke and bacteria when you want to replace the filter everything you need to do is possible with the use of two fingers and one click if necessary this air purifier can even be used in the busiest rooms where there is a large circulation of people by combining activated carbon filters the blue air blue pure 211 plus is effective in removing odors gases and vapors if you can afford this one we say go for it and finally we have reached the gold medal and the title of the overall best air purifier you can find in the market in 2021 check out the koa ap 1512 hh mighty this fell is among the best purifiers out there achieving as much as 98.9 removal of particles from the air very impressive koa is surprisingly easy to use quiet

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and compact we love how the screen can be dark at night making it ideal for bedrooms or living rooms one of the key features is the build quality especially pre-filters and hepa filters the pre-filter catches large particles such as pet hair which would otherwise clog the hepa filter and reduce its ability to collect small particles this is good stuff premium operation the hepa filter meanwhile fits well into the frame firmly glued to the plastic housing this prevents air from bypassing the filter around the edges and ensures that virtually all air passed through the machine is filtered hepa coap koap1512hh mighty has several other qualities that will make your life easier and this is important for a device that usually works 24 hours a day and is situated in the bedroom playroom or living room at night for example you can turn off its screen the machine will continue to work and you can go to sleep or watch tv in a nice dark room the koa ap 1512 hh mighty also boasts a very quiet operating mode on the medium speed setting the measured noise is just 39 decibels from the distance of 6 feet a quiet whisper level operation the product is also quite light with a weight of 12.35 pounds which adds to the ease of use the koa ap 1512 hh money comes in the size of 16.81 by 9.57 by 18.31 inches premium performance high durability all the best price quality ratio you can find you want it the best you got it thanks for watching and that’s all for now i hope to see you guys in the next video till next time see you guys later

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