Arctic Air Ultra Review: Will This One Work?

are you doing guys welcome back here we have the arctic air ultra the new product out on the market the new improved version of the arctic air supposedly two times the cooling power we’re gonna test all this out we’re gonna take a look at this product and see if it’s an improvement over the old one if you haven’t seen my original video on the original arctic air I’ll leave a link up here to that one wasn’t super impressed with it really I thought it was garbage product we’re gonna see if this does anything better if it’s worth you going out and pick it up so let’s take a look at this you can see new look on it as far as you know the pictures on the side same there let’s go ahead and break this open and see what’s in here a little instruction card for best results instructions power cord and our arctic air ultra this plastic off here different look than the original so here’s the original here’s the new one it is a little shorter and not quite as wide either so smaller unit and the one thing I noticed right off the bat is this one had the light-up panel that did different colors you could cycle through those this one doesn’t this just lights up on the top and it’s just one color so it’s you can have it either on or off so you don’t have the different colors that this one had but this is supposed to have more powerful fan also you notice in the front here this one you can kind of just you know if you want to blow it down

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if you’re not blowing up no adjustment on the old one so that’s definitely approvement there let’s get this out of here we know that was garbage so the new one let’s take a look at these for best results so for best results pre-soak your filter place your filter under running water until wet tip for even more cooling place the wet filter in the freezer until frozen so that wasn’t something that you did on the original one so here’s your filter a different looking filter than the old one so for best result to say soak this under water and stick it in the freezer place a flat place on glass surface fill tank with water right here and it has a little knob a little tab in there that says max you fill up to that tab so we’ll play some water in there point towards you and in just events to direct the flow recommended regular cleaning of your so you just stick this in the dishwasher SS and if you lose this card they have a sticker right here saying the exact same thing I got a lot of comments in that first one people were looking to buy this device because they didn’t have AC or the AC was broken and thought this was gonna replace AC in your house this is not a mini air conditioner it’s not gonna cool down your room even though bring up the box here even though on the box they show it and it says great for living rooms offices kitchens bathrooms basements and bedrooms and more cool your space fast and easy but if your look in those pictures everybody has the Arctic air right next to them so that’s all this device is gonna do it’s a personal space cooler it’s gonna cool 2 to 3 feet out from this device so is it gonna cool your house down no maybe if you have 20 of these all over the place maybe but just to buy a couple of these if you think it’s gonna cool the room down I don’t think so I know the last one the old version didn’t do it we’re gonna test this one I’m gonna get it going check the temperature in here let it run for a little while and we’ll see how much it does so let’s get this filled up and ready to go and first I’m going to just do it just out of the box I’m not going to soak this I’m not going freeze it we’re gonna check and see how cool the air is coming out of it just the way it is because that’s gonna be the way you’re gonna use it most of the time because say you have this in your office or something like that you’re not gonna be running and soaking that filter or putting it in the freezer you’re just gonna turn it on and have it go and see if it cools you know so that’s why we’re gonna test it first then we’ll put some water in there you know put some water on that filter and freeze it so I got my tap water here cold tap water out of the faucet okay so I have the water filled up just where it just touches that machs tab and again filters not wet didn’t freeze it turn that on and it’s blowing pretty good fairly cool let’s move it back from me a little ways let’s put it back like say two feet if I’m working on computer I have it sitting over here I feel it’s pretty cool let me set it at the very corner of the table let me move over here and I’ll probably boat sitting back here prob about four feet away from it right now I can feel it from here I mean it’s keeping me cool again I don’t know if you can hear that let me pull it up here closer to my microphone

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I mean it’s it’s fairly loud I mean if you aren’t working in like a cult quiet office or something or you have to work on the phone a lot the high speed maybe not medium still get it up here is fairly loud low it’s not the quietest device but it’s working it’s it’s keeping me cool so your if you if you want to use one of these devices don’t have to deal with the noise but let’s see how cool this actually is with just water coming closer to the outer edge of it about 69 so if I get it right in the middle again about what 64 63 64 so 63 to 64 and that’s just I was aiming that right in the middle there let’s get the old arctic air here going alright let’s get it going again both on high again like I said the arctic air ultra a little louder turn that one off from that yeah definitely feel the new one more more of a breeze coming on you than the old one but let’s check the temperatures coming out of this gun both go in here turn them around here and that’s the thing when you have these you can’t move them around too much because water just comes out of them really easily check that a new one of the ultra again about 63 to 64 right there in the middle let’s go to the original and we’re getting colder temps out of this one [Music] so check it again it’s kind of fluctuating down to 1659 but the originals getting down to 55 coming out of there so to begin with just out of the box just just adding regular water out of it this one the fans blowing won’t you feel it more on you but the temperatures coming out cooler on this one but again not a strong fan so unless you’re rating front you’re not gonna feel that but now let’s do what they said in the instructions let’s put some water on that filter then I’m gonna toss it in the freezer for about a half-hour and then we’ll put it back in and see how much of a difference that makes completely wet they’re like that’s pretty good now let’s go ahead and throw it in the freezer all right so I got it in the freezer now let it sit there for about a half-hour okay so it’s been about 50 minutes this has been sitting in there you can see there’s ice buildup on it so this is well frozen let’s go ahead and stick it back in there make sure you get it in the right direction and of course there is ice on the bottom you have to scrape some of those ice chunks off in order for it to fit oh there we go get back in there all right so we have a filter that was random on the water stuck in the freezer had it in there for about 50 minutes all right so I’m getting that’s about 43 so yeah it’s some cool air coming out of it let’s turn this off for a minute so the only issue I have with this now while it is really cold air coming out of there it’s a process I mean I could see maybe running the filter underwater you know that’s an easy thing to do if you’re in an office or anything you just run it under there drinking or something to get it wet and stick it in there but are you gonna run and put it in a freezer and have to sit and wait and then how long is this gonna last being that cold you know eventually especially if you’re in a warm room that filters gonna thaw and it’s not gonna be frozen anymore so you’re not gonna get that really cold air coming out of there so while it’s putting out cool air right now I don’t really see that being a viable option for you I mean how often are you gonna keep going and okay it’s start to get a little warm I’m gonna run and stick that in the freezer again and wait now maybe if you had multiple filters so when this one starts to you know lose its coolness you switch the filter out but again that’s more money you’re spending and are you gonna go through that much you could and you’ll get what was it about forty three degrees coming out of there so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna put the arctic air over here at the end of the table and have it and we’re gonna check the temperature on the couch over here and I’m gonna let it run for like a half-hour and see if it changes the temperature over there just to kind of get an idea of how much space you’re gonna try to cool down with us again this is a personal cooler you know it’s not gonna cool a whole room down so within three to four feet I think it’ll cool that space down but this is probably more like a six-foot space and to see if it does anything after running for a half an hour and then we’ll check that temperature coming out of here too and see if it’s warmed up any after about a half hour so is that forty three degrees and we’ll check it again in a half hour of letant and just run let’s see what the temperature is then so let’s check and see what the temperature is over here on the couch right now with this off okay right now I have it shooting on the back of the couch and we’re getting about sixty eight point five and well it runs for the half hour I’m gonna turn off the lights so we don’t get any heating from these lights heating up the space either so let’s check the temperature on the couch it’s been a little over a half hour we’re getting about 68 degrees on the back on the seat about sixty or eight degrees also sitting here the the arctic air is back behind the camera here it’s probably six feet from me and I feel a pretty strong breeze I mean it’s blowing it out fairly strong I mean can’t really tell I mean but it’s blowing I can feel it right here it’s cool right here so it did drop the temperature a little bit right here so you don’t have to sit right on top of it and I did check the temperature on the thermostat when I set this up it was 71 it’s saying 70 now

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this is a really big space my ceilings are 16 feet high so it’s not gonna cool this room down but I would see I’m over here if you’re directly in front of it you’re gonna feel the breeze I don’t feel it right here I can’t if I put my arm out here again it’s what 70 degrees in here so it’s not really hot in here but you’re not gonna feel the breeze on you unless you’re directly in front of it but I’m fairly impressed with it I mean like I said it’s quite a ways away from me that other the older arctic air did have that stronger fan that it didn’t blow this far of a distance but I will say it’s loud when I had this running for the half hour I was down the hallway in the bedroom you know three rooms down I could hear it so if you’re in a space where you need it to be quiet this isn’t gonna work for you but if if you can hear this fan so that’s not an issue with you I mean for a personal space cooler I’m fairly happy with this it’s doing better than I say a fan you could have a fan you know turning and cooling multiple people down but for one person this is doing a good job now let’s get that infrared thermometer and check the temperature coming out of there now that it’s been a little over a half hour see if the temperatures still as cold as it was when we put that frozen a filter in there okay so now I have it shooting right into the middle what were we at about 44 43 44 I think before now we’re up to 52 53 so there you go you can see that it’s been a half hour that frozen filter we have in there and let’s pull it out of here take a look yeah it’s not frozen anymore it’s it’s still wet but that’s the thing freezing it is gonna give you cooler temperatures but for just a short period of time because nothing that’s gonna unfreeze and then you’re not going to get those really cold temperatures so I think that’s a step most people probably aren’t going to do but it’s been a half-hour at that filter is still really wet and that’s probably gonna give you a little bit cooler temperatures doing that maybe so I don’t think the whole freezin it’s gonna be a really big game-changer for because I don’t think many people are gonna do that again I like the distance that I don’t have to I think that other one the old version that’s around here somewhere I had to pretty much have right on me to really feel it this one six feet away when I was on the couch there I can still feel that breeze on me it’s work and you can it you know adjust if you want to blowing up or down I like that smaller I think it’s a better-looking unit than the other one same price now I know I got a lot of comments on the other video people saying you need to put that in the window that’s why it’s not working good this doesn’t go in the window nowhere on a box the directions anywhere does it say this device goes in the window that’s not what it’s for so no you don’t need to put it in the window and yes I know you can also put ice in here too to help cool it down but again I think that’s just something you’re not gonna waste your time with because it’s the same as freezing that those ice cubes aren’t gonna last that long it’s gonna give you cooler temperatures just for a short period of time are you constantly gonna keep putting ice in there and I did a video on the other one where I compared just tap water to ice water to see how much of a difference you’re gonna get I’ll leave a link up there to that video if you want to check that one out and like I said in that video

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I mean how often are you gonna keep adding ice to it so I don’t think you’re gonna use that way I think you’re probably most you are just gonna fill it with water you’re not gonna put water on the on the filter either and we were getting what in the mid 50’s so I think even just doing it that way it wasn’t bad it blows quite a distance for a personal space cooler it’s it’s working I mean it’s doing what it’s saying it’s not an AC it’s not gonna cool your whole room down it’s not gonna cool your house down so don’t get it that’s what you’re looking for it just needs something to cool you down in a small area this will work so let’s turn these lights out and because there is a light on top it like I said the old version had multiple colors the whole side lit up and you could get it could go through the different colors you could just have one solid color this just has one color on the top so let’s turn everything off and take a look at that so there it is with it um it’s a really dim blue so it’s not as bright as it seems in the camera so there you go there’s a look at the arctic air we checked the temperature on it I’d like the temperatures we’re getting outta there we’re getting some cooler temperatures you get some really cool temperatures if you do freeze that filter but again are you gonna go through that process all the time I doubt it it’s a decent device for what it’s supposed to do a personal space cooler don’t think it’s gonna cool your place down it’s not gonna cool a whole room it’s not gonna cool a house or an apartment down like I said when I was sitting on the couch there I could feel it on me if I was directly in front of it but if you’re sitting to the sides you’re not gonna feel it that much so guys let me know in the comments below do you have this version or the other version how’s it working out for you do you like it you know overall I mean I don’t love the product and I don’t hate it I wish it was quieter it is really loud but it performs decent for what it’s supposed to do again guys if you’re new here please hit that subscribe button hit the bell notification so you notified every time I upload a new video and I will see you guys next time

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