Best Air Purifiers in 2021 ?

hello everyone today we’ll take a look at the best air purifiers in the market for 2021. i made this list based on my personal opinion and i’ll try to help you find the right one for your needs to see the most up-to-date prices and find out more information about these air purifiers you can check out the links in the description below before we start i have a question for you guys what is the reason you’re looking for an air purifier today let me know in the comments number five kowai air mega 400 best for large spaces the colway air mega 400 may be your favorite new co-worker offices and other large spaces can suffer from poor air quality due to all the foot traffic that drags in outside pollutants like dust pollen dander and cigarette smoke there may even be cleaning product or paint fumes or off-gassing from new carpets and other office furnitures with a coverage area of 1560 square feet the air mega 400 offers excellent air purification for extra large rooms it’s a big machine but it’s necessary to house the power fans and filters to ensure it’s effectively working to clean huge rooms at its quietest the air mega 400 runs at whisper level around 22 decibels and only reaches a max of around 52 decibels at its highest fan setting that’s nice and quiet as far as air purifiers go plenty quiet enough to make phone calls or have

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conversations with no difficulty sleep mode is not automatic so if you want it to run at its quietest while you sleep you’ll have to manually set it overall the kowa air mega 400s has an excellent air filtration process that works amazing in larger spaces and it also has many great features number four co-way mighty best for the money the kelway ap-1512-h air purifier is equipped with a four-stage filtration system pre-filter odor filter true heaper filter and vital ionizer as well as an air quality indicator a feature typically only found on upper mid grade and high-end models with a co-way ap 1512 hh mighty air purifier you can rest assured that you and your family are breathing in fresh pure air the ap-1512-h is able to remove 99.97 percent of all airborne pollutants down to just 0.3 microns in size the co-way ap1512hh is a great choice for anyone searching for a mid-sized air purifier among the most powerful purifiers in its class the ap 1512 hh is ideal for living rooms garages and larger bedrooms while definitely one of the most stylish air cleaners on the market this unit is also discreet enough to hide out of sight in most applications the cowway mighty has three fan speeds which is important because it means you can select a quieter option for when you’re home and a stronger one for when you’re not it also means you can choose the stronger option for times of the day when air pollution is worse say if you live in an apartment on a busy road and it’s rush hour it’s great features like auto mode ionizer and large coverage for the price make it a wise choice for most people number 3. levoit lvh132 best for bedrooms the levoit lv h132 serves as a momentous device in the story of compact air purifiers it’s the first of its kind the first to use a new design language for air purifier to start a new era for any compact air purifiers after it the design of the levoit lv h132 is simple intuitive and compact it has a glossy white body with air vents around the base of the unit and a powerful three-speed fan with built-in night light at the top all of the features of the levoit lv h132 are accessible through touch controls around the top of the purifier the levoit lvh132 is designed with a three-stage filtration system for capturing a wide range of particulate such as the pre-filter heaper filter and activated carbon filter the levoit lv8132 is a compact air purifier considering other models on the market with comparable performance it’s small enough to sit comfortably on the floor or on a countertop or table the overall performance of this levoit air purifier was quite good while it does take longer to provide

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better air quality there is no doubt that this system has the ability to remove harmful airborne substances overall its ideal use would be in a small bedroom occupied by someone who is sensitive to noise number two blue air 211 plus best runner up the blue pure211 plus air purifier by blue air markets itself as a good-looking well-designed air purifier that removes common airborne pollutants including allergens odours smoke mold spools and dust mites one of its big selling points is the ability to accommodate open floor plans high ceilings and other large spaces while still being energy efficient in a house with old high pile carpets that gather dust no matter how often they’re vacuumed i found the bluepure 211 plus to be an effective solution for odors it was also great it made even large rooms smell neutral after running it on high for a while i did notice a slight charcoal scent but nothing too intense at 12 by 12 by 20 inches it’s a big unit but these proportions serve a purpose to filter as much of the air around you as possible i was able to run it on load you’re in virtual meetings and phone calls with no issues no matter your tolerance for background noise the medium mode should be fine for sleeping and watching netflix the high mode has a noticeable wear but it’s useful on days when the air quality is particularly bad if you live in a large mostly open space the blue air blue pure 211 plus is a solid bet for making sure all that air gets filtered it’s a reasonably attractive energy efficient air purifier that’ll do what you need it to at a price that won’t break your budget number one allen breathe smart 75i best high end allen is one of the oldest and most respected air purifiers around today they are the only manufacturer to provide a forever guarantee on their air purifiers they promise that if anything goes wrong with your air purifier they’ll fix it or replace the air purifier all for free this powerful promise goes a long way in building up a customer’s confidence in their products along with a forever guarantee allen air purifiers are backed up by great air purification performance this particular model the breed smart 75i is their flagship product the breed smart 75i can cover rooms as large as 525 square feet the breeze smart 75i has a simple air purification system consisting of a single combination filter there is an onboard air quality sensor that provides constant feedback on the current air quality in your room there are five fan speeds available and the air purifier is very quiet at lower speeds of operation from the three stage filtration process to the customizable stylish design each member of any household will be delighted with this excellent product

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whether for allergies and dust pet odors and dander or just cleaner air each consumer will find what they need in the allen breathe smart 75i air purifier fine guide noise most air purifiers have internal fans that pull air through a series of filters some of these fans are practically silent especially on low settings others make a humming sound as you turn them up if you’re using your air purifier in a bedroom or baby’s room for example you may want to choose a device that’s relatively quiet even at higher speeds maintenance costs the upfront cost of your air purifier matters if you’re on a budget but don’t assume you’ll be done paying for the device once you’ve set it up in your home you’ll have to periodically replace the filters on an ongoing basis filter replacement costs vary from machine to machine some have very expensive filters that last for years while others use cheap filters that have to be changed frequently plus while some of the pre-filters are washable the heaper filters themselves are disposable and must be entirely replaced before you buy an air purifier calculate the cost per year to maintain it and compare that cost to those of any other air purification device you might be considering energy efficiency air purifiers are most effective when they’re running almost constantly so you’ll also want to factor in electricity costs some of the air purifiers we recommend are energy star certified but each one pulls varying amounts of power depending on the fan speed you’re using small air purifiers like the levoit lv8132 generally use less energy than larger ones but they clean much smaller spaces on the flip side air purifiers that are rated for large rooms and that have higher fan speeds such as the cowway air mega 400 tend to draw more energy a few air purifiers have eco modes that power down the devices and place them on standby when their sensors no longer detect airborne pollutants

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