Review Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

g’day guys my name’s Dave from DT unboxed and in this video I’m gonna be doing a review of the Xiaomi my air purifier 3 H model in this video I’m gonna be running through the device as a standalone device and I’ll talk about how it interacts with this smart home up then I’ll talk about the running costs and finally I’ll compare this with the other models in this particular range so first off I just want to say that I’m really impressed with this particular product I’ve had it for about three weeks now and honestly I’ve seen that there’s less dust under the couch now this used to be a just a massive buildup of dust under the couch as we’d walk around the house the dust just gets sort of swept under there but now after having this cannot see that dust anymore it’s great I bought this particular device because personally myself I have really bad hay fever so I’m just anticipating the spring season and hopefully this will filter out all those pollutants and leave me with a home and I can breathe easy in now let’s talk about this as a standalone device I’m not going to be doing an unboxing because there’s not much to it all you’ll get is just the instruction manual and

you’ll get a power cable that you’ll find at the back of the device so you just need to open up the back and you’ll find this inside now this is the global model so it will come with a power cable that has those two circular prongs so it’s not an Australian plug I bought this from dick Smith and dick Smith actually sent the power plug the Australian power plug separately and it took another three days to arrive but thankfully it is a figure eight power cable so I had another one lying around I could use in the meantime this device features an oled touchscreen display right here and you can dim it or turn it off if you don’t like those lights at night in your bedroom for example the OLED display will show you the temperature the humidity the mode setting and whether it’s connected to your Wi-Fi or not and finally this big number at the top which is the most important one is your air quality in the room now if you want to get technical what this number actually indicates will be the PM 2.5 in the air PM 2.5 refers to the tiny particles or droplets in the air that are less than 2.5 microns in size so these are very small particles and you’ll generally find them in smoke or polluted air the reason why these particles are so bad for you is because they’re so small they can get stuck in your lungs and cause a lot of breathing and respiratory problems right now the numbers sending out three so that means that there’s three micrograms of PM 2.5 particles per cubic meter right now in this air now that’s a good thing because that’s clean air quality according to the EPA in Australia a PM 2.5 less than 27 averaged over an hour is considered good air quality anything above that you’re starting to get into moderate to poor air quality so it is actually really cool to see this thing work throughout the day especially when I’m cooking I’ll notice that this number goes up and then over the next sort of 10 to 15-minute period it slowly will go down as it filters out all those oils and smoke in the air from my cooking so certainly I’ve already seen a difference having this particular device in our open space living area that features the kitchen as well onto the touch screen display there’s one touch button right here

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that will turn on the device if it’s currently off but as you touch that button it will cycle through the different modes as well right now we have it set at Auto so I run it at Auto basically 24 hours a day this thing is super quiet you barely can hear it so that’s Auto as we move on we get sleep mode so that’s if you really want an even more power down mode as you sleep then we go into more manual modes so that’s low fan setting that’s medium and that’s high and you can sort of hear how that fan is really working now then finally we have our favorite setting and then back to auto so you’d only really use those manual settings I guess if there was something burning in your house or you were cooking something really smoky and you really just wanted to quickly filter that air but generally speaking I have it on auto when I’m cooking something it will detect that it’ll just start powering up and really trying to get those pollutants out in terms of the filter it’s a class 13 HEPA filter which means that it will trap particles as small as point three microns in size which is tiny I’ll just turn this around so you can see the filter itself there’s a latch at the back here you pull that down and the filters there this particular model will cover a room from 25 to 44 square meters in size so pretty decent coverage there and in terms of the clean air output will be pumping out 380 cubic meters of clean air per hour now the air quality has been stuck at about 1 to 3 during this video which is a good thing but I just want to show you guys how will detect pollutants in the air when they are present so I’m just going to line a match I’m gonna blow the smoke into it and you’ll see this quickly start to rise but also you might be able to hear the fan really start working to filter out all those pollutants so a lot of much now it may take a little bit of time for it to sort of register but you definitely will sit there we go or are you up at 2851 so clearly it knows when there’s pollutants in the air or smoke in the air and you’ll see that light it used to be green now it’s red indicating that there’s poor air quality currently you can even hear that the fan has gotten louder as it’s trying to filter out that smoke now I’ll run through how it interacts with the smart home app now if the app will give you the same readings on the display so we’ve got the air quality there temperature amid ‘ti you’d turn it on turn it off you can set different modes but also show you the lifespan of the filter right here so 91% estimated life span is 134 days you can schedule the power on and power off of the device on the app you can also turn the lights on or off parental controls and notification sound but personally speaking I haven’t really used the app a whole lot just because the auto mode is all you really need i’ve also connected it to the google home so hey google turn off the air purifier so you’ll see obviously that just turn it off

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but again i use the auto function 24 hours a day so there’s no real need for it to be connected to Google home but I have done it anyway hey Google turn on the air purifier now let’s talk about running costs now the filter itself will last anywhere from six to twelve months depending on the air quality if you’re gonna live somewhere where there’s generally a lot of polluted air that filter will probably need more frequent replacement the filters themselves cost about fifty Australian dollars each so that once or twice every year isn’t too bad for a good clean air quality in your house the other ongoing cost is obviously power now this is rated at 38 watts so if you run it for a full 24 hours that will be about 0.9 kilowatt hours my energy company charges about 29 cents per kilowatt hour so conservatively speaking over a month you know anywhere from seven to nine dollars a month if I have this on constantly of course you don’t have to have it on all day every day finally let’s compare this to the other models in the range so there’s the 2h and there’s the pro model and what are the differences now it really just comes down to capacity and room size if we’re talking clean air output the 2h only does 310 cubic meters per hour this does 380 and the pro model does 500 cubic manners if we’re talking coverage-area then the to H only goes from 21 to 37 square meters this is 25 to 44 square meters and the pro model covers 30 to 60 square meters so again it’s a question of how much area do you want to cover with the particular device the other big difference between this and the 2h model is that it won’t actually display the air quality or the temperature or the humidity so that’s another big feature you’re missing out on with the 2h model so there you have a guys that’s my review of the Xiaomi my air purifier 3 H global model I’m really really happy with it so far so much so that I’m probably gonna buy another one for upstairs if you have any questions about this particular device then please leave them in the comments below there’s a link to buy this in the description as well if you want to check that out be sure to hit that like button hit subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time on detail boxed Cheers

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