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[Music] 12 smart home gadgets you’ll love nowadays if you want your house to become a home you need to digitalize it could be a simple holder for all your important papers and bills or it could be as complicated as a bed that has all the furniture you will ever need in your house and if you’re on the paranoid side we even have a handy dandy lamp security system hybrid for you thankfully there are enough products in the markets that you’ll never run out of options but that also means the dilemma of over choice will surely dawn upon you so here are 12 smart home gadgets you’ll love number 12 the ultimate bed when you have a studio apartment even the tiniest bit of space can’t go unused if you struggle with that then this ultimate smart bed will be the right product for you this piece of furniture has everything you could want in your whole room and not just your bed it features a massage chair bluetooth speakers a built-in desk extra drawers and even cabinets basically it’s an all-in-one bed that will give you a great excuse to never get out of bed moreover you can finally get productive in your bed if you’re a reader no worries it even has a reading light and an area to charge your device so your kindle never dies while you immerse yourself in the world of words number 11 ampere’s shower power taking a shower with some tunes is the best setting to relax or even get all jazzed up for the day this never-ending shower handle is here to help you experience the perfect shower by never ending we mean that this bathroom gadget will never run out of battery because it charges as you use it but why does it need charging anyway that’s because it will play the song or podcast or even audiobook of your liking as you shower moreover it has a sound wave diffuser so you best believe it’ll sound like a movie theater right in your bathroom taking a shower never sounded so good number 10 nanoleaf light panels not all gadgets have to be extremely useful for you to buy sometimes you have to please the eyes and for that we have the nanoleaf light panels these panels can create beautiful light mosaics in your room and they even have an array of shapes you can collect and join together the best part is that you can sync your music with the lights and literally watch them move to the rhythm if you want to unwind for the day you can play with the light since they’re completely interactive but if you’re bored the lights will play games with you too with 16 million colors to choose from your room can have almost infinite vibes and you can change at the touch of a finger number nine the b fan while we’re on the topic of sleeping let’s talk about the struggles of those who sleep extremely warmly a night of good sleep is never complete with a furry blanket and when it gets too hot in the middle of the night and you don’t want to take off your blanket just switch on the b fan this fan directs the airflow in such a way that the hot air moves away from your body and cold air goes right down your sheets this method of displacement can combat any temperature swings number eight automatic blinds

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if you want to give your house a more futuristic tony stark feel then this blinds automation kit will do all the right things for your house this smart blinds kit can control your horizontal blinds by closing and opening them at the right time it can even set repeating tilted schedules and regulate the temperature of your home in the energy savings mode best of all it uses solar panels so you never have to charge it number seven dream farm grip it sometimes all you need is a simple paperclip to arrange your life but if you want an upgraded version of a paperclip the hangman will do just fine this simple gadget does its job perfectly it holds all your bills notes ideas and study cards in one place without denting or poking a hole in your paper items moreover it has a magnet for metal surfaces but if you want to stick it on a wall it even has an adhesive attached this 12-inch bar is a very simplified gadget that every working adult needs but just doesn’t know it yet and it’s especially useful if you’re the forgetful kind number six clocky no not like it is inconvenience is it extremely hard for you to even open your eyes when the alarm rings if the answer is yes this is your solution an alarm is the most annoying object ever just not annoying enough to make you sit up and shut it down so this robot clocky messes with you right in the morning for those stubborn heavy sleeper college students this alarm will literally make you chase it till you’re fully up sometimes it even jumps runs away from the house for those who are weak it has the snooze button but if you turn it off it’s wartime number five smart remote x when you digitalize your home the one problem you’ll face is that there will probably be a different app or a remote for every other gadget but there’s even another gadget that will ease the struggle the smart remote x is the ultimate remote want to switch on the tv no problem want to turn on the music or dim the lights no issue with this handy little tool it can change the whole setting of your house with just a simple tap of a button whether it’s game day movie night or just arts and crafts with your family this universal remote has something in store for you [Music]

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number four beale measure fill kitchen faucet normal faucets are boring get yourself one that measures water for you right on the post beel measure fill kitchen faucet fills up your cup to exact the volume of water that you set the dial to moreover it even looks amazing sleepy with any type of interior and its ceramic disc valve allows it to control the temperature and flow of the water control that’s not even all of it this technology assures you a drip free and maintenance free performance number three ivac cleaning is a chore to some for those who hate cleaning this special vacuum will save you a lot of energy and time technically this vacuum can’t really move so it acts more like an actively participating trash bin initially it was meant for salons and restaurants but now it has a home version one for pets and an option for commercial use as well even maintaining is easier than using a regular trash can the one meant for pets even has exhaust filters that work to keep the air in your home completely clean of any dander or other hypoallergenic materials floating about number two nobi smart lamp living alone can be scary at first actually even living with the family can be scary since you never know when something unfortunate might happen but to ease your mind precaution is the best option and the nobi smart lamp is actually a security gadget in a beautiful disguise this gizmo uses ai to automatically detect falls and it doesn’t even need batteries to work despite the fact it monitors your house 24 7. security systems usually have a long installment process but not the nobi lamp all you need to do is replace your ceiling light with this lastly this smart home device also detects fires monitors air quality alerts you in the case of a break-in and even accommodates your living pattern it’s like a very caring friend hovering right above you number one a romeo sense sleeping aids aren’t just for insomniacs or those with sleeping troubles it’s also for those who want to up their sleep game but it doesn’t matter who it is the romeo sense is a gadget for everyone when it’s time for bed it will dim the lights to a warm glow put on some gentle music and start diffusing as sweet lavender scents yes it relaxes all the senses by using the right mix of lights aroma and sound therapy this item lets your sense roam all sorts of destinations alright let us know in the comments which of these smart home gadgets you’ll get your hands on first don’t forget to like the video subscribe to tech joint and we’ll see you in the next one

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