WATCH BEFORE BUYING! Are Wearable Air Purifiers effective against COVID-19? With Smoke Clearing Test

hey guys tara here welcome back to my channel for today’s video i will be sharing about something we see frequently nowadays they come in different shapes and sizes but have a common purpose and that is to clean the air around us and protect us against covet 19. that’s right they are wearable air purifiers what are wearable air purifiers do they work how do they differ from other air purifiers watch this video and find out at the end of this video i will be sharing with you an experiment we did to see how these devices work also guys please do not forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and hit the notification bell so that you’ll be notified whenever i have new videos so guys if you are interested stick around because i’m here to pass it on first up i will be unboxing the wearable air purifier that we got online if you are interested about it i’ll just place the link at the description box so that you can also check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] due to the current pandemic we have been accustomed to living a new normal life face masks have become a part of our daily needs and disinfectants like uv lights alcohol sprays bleach solutions have become so common we try our best to protect ourselves from the sars cog2 virus which causes the disease covid19 disinfection at home and in the office is now a priority for one’s health and safety one device that has become common these days are air purifiers these come in two types one that uses filters and another which does not air purifiers that use filters are usually bulky and are used in large spaces like offices or rooms and even cars but for personal air purification a lot of people have been using wearable air purifiers they are light portable and do not need frequent filter change or disinfection because it has no filter most of them are powered by usb charging just like our cell phone wearable air purifiers or ionizers work by emitting negative ions a specific area around you depending on your device this can be a few inches to a few feet now the question is do they really work well research explains that these negatively charged ions emitted by the device attract positively charged particles and cause them to bind to one another these combined particles are now heavier and cause them to fall to the ground preventing you from inhaling them these same negative ions are generated by sunlight lightning waves from the ocean and from waterfalls have you ever wondered why the air is so clean after a storm this is all because of these negatively charged ions these devices can also revitalize our body cells increase the oxygen holding capacity of our blood and improved metabolism due to these negative ions in effect they reduce fatigue and boost our resistance to diseases

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i’ll be placing my sources link at the description box now can they really effectively prevent covid19 when used alone my opinion no they clean the air yes they reduce or kill the pathogens floating in the air around you yes but these viruses and bacteria do fall to the ground and may survive for longer durations when you do not clean or disinfect the surfaces around you then you may still get infected by direct contact transmission so even if you wear this device you still need to disinfect your hands by hand washing with soap and water or alcohol wear a face mask and practice social distancing so in short these wearable air purifiers can actually help prevent getting coveted 19 however you still need to use doctor recommended prevention strategies larger air purifiers with hepa filters are better at preventing the spread of the virus because it traps viruses or bacteria in the filter but then you also need to disinfect or change the filter regularly so if you want to wear this device go ahead but please do not forget to wear a face mask face shield and do not forget to disinfect as well i made a separate video on this infection i’ll just place the card right here you may also use a uvc light to disinfect your surroundings i also made a separate video on that again i’ll place the card right here before i end this video as i mentioned earlier we tested the efficacy of this wearable air purifier through an experiment so here it goes please take note that we collected smoke in a glass bowl from burning paper in this test and placed the wearable air purifier inside the device clear the smoke inside the glass bowls in about two and a half to three minutes so that is it guys if you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment down below or if you have any suggestions as well if you haven’t subscribed to my channel hit the subscribe button and also the notification bell so that you’ll be notified whenever i have new videos always remember disinfect to protect god bless [Music] bye

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