Winix Air Purifier From Costco

this is a follow-up video after owning the winix air purifier that I bought at Costco several months ago I’m just going to answer a couple questions I’ve been getting in the comment section I talked a little bit about how its use has been forming and go from there on the first video I made a comment about it being made in Korea wasn’t such a great thing I simply mean that I prefer to buy products made in the United States Korea makes some pretty good products much another buy something made in Korea than something made in China yeah I and I Kia several tractor manufacturers are made in Korea Korea makes some pretty good stuff I just prefer to buy american-made stuff no as far as the filters go I got a lot of comments on how long do the filters last where do you buy the replacements now what I’ve been doing if you have an air compressor at home that’s just a small air compressor with like a blower nozzle I’ve been taking the filters outside and I just blow them off opposite of the way the air gets sucked into them so layers being sucked in this way so I take the filter out and I blow out this way and it blows all the dust and particles out outside so I don’t really have to buy a new filter well if you don’t have an air compressor I’ve also taken it outside you can lay it down on something and I just Pat the backside of it then all that dust and debris falls right off of the filter so I’m kind of reusing the filters and it seems to be working just fine as far as how long they’ll last before they get kind of clogged up let’s go and depend on you know how old your house is how tight it’s sealed up but about every other month I I just blow them out and thing works like brand new again now the indicator here at the top where it’s red blue and yellow that does not mean that your filters clogged that tells you what the air quality is that it’s actually drawing in so once you put those in a room it’s probably going to be a red for a little while then turn yellow then turn blue as the air gets cleaner now if you take it out of that room move it to another room plug it back in it’s gonna be red again I’m sure what that just tells you how the air quality of the room is at that moment that it’s working so I just brought it down here for the video and it is red right now because it’s never been ran in this room so this color indicator means nothing of the filters it’s just the quality of the air that it’s filtering at the moment now mines been running 24/7 since the day I bought it no issues with it there’s no weird noises no no nothing

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if it were to break or something happen to it I’d probably go right back the console and buy the exact same one again now something that I have now that didn’t have in the first video is I have a decibel meter now some of you have commented on high is it really loud or it is pretty loud on high and it’s very quiet on low there’s you know several speed settings so right now it’s on the lowest setting and I’ll stop talking you guys can see what the decibel meter says and then I’m going to bump it up to high right around 42 decibels on loan so that’s medium will do on reading at medium we had about 51 so once you turn on high there’s going to be a big difference about 65 decibels on high so this gives you a kind of a range of what the sound is when it’s on low and you’re five feet away from it you can’t hear it at all what’s nice about this is it’s soothing to me at night to put it on either high or the one right under it and it’s kind of a white noise it drowns out other noises that’s also fill ting filtering the air that you’re breathing in while you sleep so it kind of does two different things for me anyways as far as the Wi-Fi function goes I have never used it I’ve never hooked it up where I have it in the bedroom there’s no reason for me to use it but as far as quality goes the fit and finish no gaps no no manufacturing defects very good quality air filter definitely not the best you can buy but for the money you can’t go wrong so hope this video can clear it up a couple things and I talked about in the first video limit now that I’ve had in a couple months I’m extremely happy with it I couldn’t be happier for what what it costs and as smart as the filters go you guys do what you want but taking them outside and blowing them out maybe if you even have a leaf blower be real careful just blow the filters out put them right back in I’ve been working great for me so hope this video was informational to you and I thank you for watching

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