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hey what’s up today we’re gonna have a close look at Shelby’s air purifier and I’ve got the latest 2’s model but we’ll compare that one would be various utter models that they’ve got in store as well let’s go in the box you’ll find the air purifier nicely packaged it comes with an instruction manual and a separately packaged power cable that is inside the air filter and that’s it the air purifier comes pre-loaded with this standard blue filter but there’s a few other filters that you can buy which we’ll look into in a minute the air purifier to s is 24 by 24 by 50 centimeters having exactly the same dimensions as the air purifier –

it comes with an air quality sensor a built in temperature and humidity sensor and it has 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi allowing you to monitor and control it from the me home app the power cable can be connected on the bottom back side of the device and on the front of the air purifier you’ll find a five point five centimeter OLED display that can display the air quality temperature and humidity as well as indicating Wi-Fi connectivity and its current fan speed mode on top you’ll find a button to turn to air purifier on and off and when it’s all you can toggle through its three various modes by short pressing it next to the switch on top you’ll find a light sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness of the OLED screen to dim the screen at night and to make it brighter when it detects more light on the back of the air purifier you can open it up in case you need to replace the filter and right above that you can find a button that can turn the OLED display on and off when long pressing both the button on top and a button on the back you can reset the air purifiers Wi-Fi setup so what does this exactly do the air purifier cleans the air in your room by pulling air in from the bottom allowing air to come in through the sides and front of the device from where it will be sucked through a filter and the filtered air will then be blown out from the top the three-layered filter can clean the air from PM 2.5 particles like pollution and dust hair and pollen formaldehyde and there’s also antibacterial filters available if you need those it’s great to get rid of bad smell and smoke the air purifiers use a brushless motor to power defense and these are pretty quiet especially at lower speeds at its lowest speed it sounds like this and all the way up to its fastest speed which covers large areas it sounds like this the air purifiers all work with the me home app from where we can the monitor control and automate it here you can install the device by adding a new device from the devices page and here it might be shown like an uninstalled nearby device like I have got the right to here but you can also manually select it from the list after you’ve set up your Wi-Fi details the air purifier will connect to your router you can then choose to add this to a virtual room in the app and after completing the installation it should appear in the list of devices from where we can access it from the air purifiers device page you can remotely monitor the air quality in the room as well as the temperature and humidity and you can also turn the air purifier on and off or sent one of its modes when long pressing on the favorites mode you can manually set the size of the space which directly relates to the fan speed and as I’m located in China

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the app will also show me the outdoor air quality to compare with my indoor air quality but I’m not exactly sure if this will show the outside air quality in other regions all the way in the bottom you can find some statistics of the filter and you will automatically get notified after six months of use that it’s about time to replace that filter in the settings menu you can enable or disable the notification sounds and turn the OLED display on and off as well I really do like the animation when you turn the display off so now let’s do some testing the PM 2.5 particle sensor in the air purifier 2’s has greatly improved over the second generation and it’s much more accurate and much quicker to display the air quality so here i’ve managed to clean the air almost completely and i wanted to check that this data is not time-based data or anything so i’m trying to blow smoke towards it and you can see how quick it is detecting the smoke so when i’m smoking a cigarette next to it you can see the PM 2.5 value go up a lot after which it takes about 10 to 12 minutes to fully clean the air in my bedroom or a living room and get the PM 2.5 value below 30 so now let’s do a second test because i wanted to see how quickly it would filter a room completely filled with smoke so i had to put that to the test so that you don’t i literally lit up a full pack of cigarettes filled the room with smoke and just turned his thing on to see how quick it would do this it’s quite hard to see to smoke on camera but trust me my eyes were almost tearing up because of the amount of smoke in here and although I can’t show that on screen it was really clean and all the smoke was gone so that really shows that it seems to work well the air purifier to s can purified 310 cubic meters of air per hour in a recommended space of up to 37 square meters which is the same as the air purifier – for larger sized rooms you could choose the air purifier Pro or the air purifier max which cover spaces up to 120 square meters both the air purifier Pro and the air purifier max are larger in size as the two and through s with the purifier max almost being double the size of the two in terms of filter size the air purifier – 2 s and the air purifier Pro use exactly the same filters with the only exception here being the air purifier max which uses a new different type of filters so to include the air purifier – s I gotta say I really like these air purifiers the air purifier – s is basically a crossover between the number 2 and the air purifier Pro it can filter the same sized room as the air purifier –

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but it has an improved more accurate air quality sensor it can sense the RFID chip from the filters making the replacement of these filters go much easier and it’s got that OLED display to show the air quality which is really nice as well too bad that’s not a touch display like the air purifier Mex but well this one’s got a button for those functions so having such a air purifier is making the air indoors much healthier and if you happen to have certain allergies like pollen or if you’re super paranoid of bacteria in your air this air purifier should come as a blessing if you smoke indoors well we’ve seen that and I guess it’s never a bad thing to live in cleaner one thing I’d noticed you’re not able to do is to use the temperature sensor values for automation rules you can’t use the PM 2.5 and the humidity values for automation but not the temperature which makes me think it should probably be added soon but but well since I’ve got temperature sensors all around anyway for me it’s not really that necessary but I really hope it will be added soon though other than that I don’t really have anything negative to say it seems to do what it needs to do and it is quite affordable for such a air purifier especially seeing that Muji for example as an air purifier with similar specs that sells for three times that price I think many people should actually consider this as something to have in their living room or in their bedroom yes we are paying for clean air quite literally but if it gets surely worth it even outside of China I’ve put down some links in the description below this video where you can buy any of these air purifiers when you’re outside of China so that’s it for the Xiaomi air purifiers if you like this video don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and also if you’re not subscribed to the channel know that you probably should as I’m doing tons of videos about products from Xiaomi smart home ecosystem so you might want to see new videos as soon as I post them as always thank you guys for watching and I hope to see y’all soon [Music]

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